One of Sweden’s largest battery parks is now in place in Haninge

October 10, 2023

All eight batteries are now in place at Stockholm Exergi and Polar Capacity’s battery park in Haninge. The park is one of Sweden’s largest, and when operational, it will add a total of 20 MW to the electrical system—a much-welcomed addition for a continued secure and reliable power supply in the Stockholm region.

With centimeter precision, the crane places the 20-ton battery perfectly on the concrete foundation. It is the last of eight batteries that together form Stockholm Exergi and Polar Capacity’s new battery park in Haninge.

“It’s fantastic to be here today and see how the battery park is coming together. Together with Polar Capacity, we have worked swiftly, and now we are just a few months away from providing the Stockholm region with a welcome addition of 20 MW. It’s a significant contribution,” says Anders Egelrud, CEO of Stockholm Exergi.

Battery parks play a crucial role in the transition to green energy. On the production side, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and facilitating the transition to renewable energy sources is necessary. On the user side, there is a dramatic increase in electricity consumption due to digitization and the electrification of transportation and industry. Battery parks help address these challenges.

“This is a natural step because the electrical system needs battery storage to support the increase in renewable electricity production. We are already entering Energy System 2.0, where we need to solve power issues locally where they arise,” says Patrik Nilsson, CEO of Polar Capacity.

Tobias Emanuelsson, CEO of Polar Structure, Polar Capacity’s parent company, emphasizes the long-term commitment in the joint venture between the companies:

“What we see here in Haninge is the beginning of something bigger. Together with Stockholm Exergi, our goal is to build additional battery parks in the Stockholm region and contribute a total of 100 MW to the electrical system,” he says.

Now, the work continues to connect the battery park to the nearby substation. The goal is to commission the battery park by the end of the year.

Why battery parks are needed?

Battery parks help solve several challenges in the energy system by storing excess renewable energy when production is high and releasing it to the grid when needed most, creating a stable and reliable power supply. This flexibility allows for integrating more solar and wind power into the energy system, accelerating the transition to renewable energy sources. Battery parks are thus a crucial factor in enabling green and sustainable development.

How a battery park in practice:

  • A battery park can be described as a giant power bank that balances the electrical system when variations in electricity consumption or production become too significant.
  • The battery storage is located near a substation and is charged when the balance in the electrical system allows it and discharged when demand is high.
  • Our battery storage consists of containers with approximately 180 batteries per container. The batteries used are lithium batteries, just like most electric vehicle batteries.
  • Battery parks support and stabilize local power grids by delivering power on a large scale during shortages in the electrical system, especially in Greater Stockholm.

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